Food Blogger Recommendations

I’ve worked on a lot of food blogs, so I know that food bloggers require special services. Here are some of my recommendations for food bloggers.

PLEASE NOTE: These options are for self-hosted WordPress users only. If you are using another blogging platform, please inquire about your options.

Print-friendly recipes

Your visitors should be able to print the recipes on your site without wasting ink and paper by also printing your header, ads, and everything else on the page. I can recommend several different plugins that make print-friendly recipes simple to add.

Automatic recipe index

Automatically generate an index of your recipes instead of manually adding links every time you update. There are several options available:

1) List all the recipes alphabetically. Example: Year of Slow Cooking » Recipe Index

2) Lists all the recipes, but break them into different categories (like soup, salad, desserts, meat, etc.). Example: Tasty Eats at Home » Recipe Index

3) Have thumbnail images appear next to each recipe. Example: Newlyweds Blog » Recipe Index

Thumbnail images in your archives

Show off your food photography in your archives to draw visitors in and make them more likely to click on your links.
Example: Daily Bites Blog » Desserts Archives

Use metadata to increase search engine visibility

Use a plugin like Easy Recipe or Zip List to format your recipes. They will automatically add metatags to your recipes that are visible only to search engines. This will allow search engines to format your recipe more beautifully. Sometimes they will even include a thumbnail image of your recipe next to the search listing. At this time metadata does not increase your SEO ranking, but users are more likely to click on a listing that is nicely formatted in the search results.

Contact me to get an estimate for any of these services.